Leveraging Fuzzy Logic Towards More Explainable Reinforcement Learning-Induced Pedagogical Policies on Intelligent Tutoring Systems


Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep RL) has revolutionized the field of Intelligent Tutoring Systems by providing effective pedagogical policies. However, the “black box” nature of Deep RL models makes it challenging to understand these policies. This study tackles this challenge by applying fuzzy logic to distill knowledge from Deep RL-induced policies into interpretable IF-THEN Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) rules. Our experiments show that these FLC policies significantly outperform expert policy and student decisions, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach. We propose a Temporal Granule Pattern (TGP) mining algorithm to increase the FLC rules’ interpretability further. This work highlights the potential of fuzzy logic and TGP analysis to enhance understanding of Deep RL-induced pedagogical policies.

In 2023 International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
John Wesley Hostetter
John Wesley Hostetter
Computer Science Ph.D. Student

My research interests include fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.